About Us

President and Owner

Jack Petsche

Jack founded USA Roofing in 1995 with a mission to create a top quality commercial and residential roofing company, specializing in steep roofing. Today, USA Roofing, Inc. is just that and more, offering many kinds of commercial and residential roofing services.

Jack is also a licensed practicing attorney. He graduated Cum-Laude from Cleveland Marshall Law School in 1988 and has practiced law in Ohio for over 20 years. Jack is very active in the Ohio construction industry. He is the immediate past president of the Ohio Roofing Contractors Association. Jack is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Construction Employers Association, and President of the Residential Carpenters Contractors Association.

Today, Jack’s primary focus is USA Roofing, Inc., providing top quality roofing services, and giving back to the industry by participating in a number of important construction organizations.


Our Field Roofing Team:

Our main team has 81 collective years of roofing, siding & gutter experience.